Woolly Wonders of the Outer Hebrides

Expat Survival Guide : When Not to be a Welcoming Host

Survival Guide – To Living Abroad Little Beasties :  When Not to be a Welcoming Host   If you’re arriving in exotic climes, you probably already have some idea that snakes and spiders… Continue reading


Expat Survival Guide Helping Children Cope

  Expat Survival Guide   Children: seen and heard Their happiness is your happiness. Be honest about the move and avoid making promises you can’t fulfil (like their friends coming to visit). Before… Continue reading

Expat Survival Guide – Infidelity and Relationships on the Rocks

 Expat Survival Guide Infidelity and Relationships on the Rocks   Your relationship is about to be tested – especially if your move revolves around one partner, rather than both, taking up employment. If… Continue reading

Expat Survival Guide The Truth About Saying Farewell to Friends and Family

Expat Survival Guide   The Truth About Saying Farewell to Friends and Family   You are going to miss your family and friends. Literally, you will miss anniversaries, birthdays and weddings, supporting loved… Continue reading

Expat Survival Guide It’s life …. but not as you knew it

Expat Survival Guide It’s life …. but not as you knew it If you want everything to remain the same, moving abroad is not for you. Your time abroad is going to change… Continue reading

How to ….. Get Married in Belarus or Russia

Moscow’s Passport magazine first published a longer version of my article.   How to Get Married in Belarus or Russia It may be true that 65% of all Russian marriages end in divorce… Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas   It’s often said that Vegas isn’t so much a city as a state of mind. Since the city’s advertising slogan assures us that ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in… Continue reading

The Belarusian Collection

How to … Drink Vodka

 How to … Drink Vodka The Belarusians say that a festive table isn’t worth its salt without a bottle of vodka. Despite having a population of just 10 million, Belarus is the world’s… Continue reading

Portraiture: Languor

The delicious languor of Bertie (Jack Russell mix)

Top Ten … Wondrous Travel Quotes

Top Ten …  Wondrous Travel Quotes ‘All major cities are divided into two parts: the bits that are in the guidebook and the bits that aren’t. If you don’t take a guidebook, you’ll… Continue reading

The Guatemalan Collection

How to Behave … at ‘Hell’s Gate’

How to Behave … at ‘Hell’s Gate’   Not the Devil’s front door, but New Zealand’s Rotorua: a steaming, volcanic casserole. If you can stand the smell, then Hell’s Gate may be your… Continue reading

The Las Vegas Collection

Top Ten … Animal Magic in Belarus, Russia and Eastern Europe

Top Ten …  Animal Magic in Belarus, Russia and Eastern Europe   Superstitions abound regarding animals’ intuition and magical abilities.    Dogs    Despite their fondness for snuffling up crumbs which fall to the… Continue reading

The Jordanian Collection

How to Behave …. at a Russian Dinner Table

  Hope you’ve brought a gift with you: wine is welcome but so are chocolates or flowers (if giving a small bouquet, make sure there are an odd number of flowers, as even… Continue reading

The Boston Collection

How to Behave … at a Russian Banya

As the British love tea, so do Russians love the banya. Visit with friends, to catch up on gossip while submitting to the steam.   Fling modesty to the wind, donning only a… Continue reading

Portraiture: Tickles

All a-quiver with the wibbly wobbly delights of a tummy tickle  (Bertie – Jack Russell mix)

How to Behave … in a Togolese Fetish Market

How to Behave … in a Togolese Fetish Market   If you ever find yourself in Lomé, the French-speaking capital of Togo, don’t miss out on a trip to the fetish market: home… Continue reading


The Ghanaian Collection

Portraiture: Evgenia

  Lovely Evgenia, from Kiev, Ukraine.  

Nova Scotia’s Brier Island: Whales and Wilderness

Looking for a secluded get-away, fabulous coastal scenery and the chance to get in touch with your ‘wild’ side? Nova Scotia’s Brier Island is the answer: small yet perfectly formed at just l.5… Continue reading

The Scottish Collection

Road Trip

Originally posted on Diplomatic Dog:
Road trips took us to the forest, beach and hills, to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, Norfolk, Scotland and Ireland (and sniffs at plenty of places inbetween).

Ice Storm

Love and Marriage: Ghanaian Style

There is a saying in Ghana to warm the heart of every voluptuous woman, to help her learn to love her wobbly bottom and encourage her to have that extra slice of cake… Continue reading

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